Sharad Kumar is a 26 years old Indian boy who lives with his father in Port Dickson. He suffered from a very serious ailment since a very young age where both of his kidneys are dysfunctional. His father tried everything to make him healthy again but to no avail. He had sent Sharad Kumar for treatments not only in Malaysia but also to India.

But Sharad Kumar’s condition is getting worse day by day. His father had no choice except going for a kidney transplant, although the cost is high and he might not be able to afford it.

Although he’s not like other kid, Sharad Kumar still has friends and one of his best friends is the old neighbor that he knew when he was young. His best friend's mother, who only wants to be known as Kak Nor, treated Sharad Kumar like his own son, When she sees Sharad Kumar’s pain and suffering, she feels the need to help. After discussing with her children, she decided to offer one of her kidney to Sharad Kumar.

At first, Sharad Kumar's father didn't take it seriously and think it was a joke but Kak Nor insisted to offer her help.

They went to a private hospital to check whether Kak Nor’s kidneys are suitable for Sharad Kumar for the transplant, but to their dismay they can’t do it here in Malaysia. According to the hospital, the procedure of the kidney transplant in Malaysia doesn’t allow such transplants because they’re not related to each other. However, the hospital advised them to do it in another country like Singapore or Indonesia. But the downside is, it’s going to cost them hundred thousand dollars.

Sharad Kumar and family seeks help from Andrew Raju, president of Malaysia Public Service Society upon returning from Singapore. Andrew found out that the reason living non-related kidney donation is not allowed in Malaysia is because they do no not want to encourage organ trafficking syndicate.

Andrew feels the government should change this policy. What matters now is this man desperately needs a new kidney, and there’s someone who is willing to donate her kidney and they both match. We could choose to save his life now, instead of having to go through strict organ donation bureaucracy - malaysiakini