Malaysia, the only country besides india, where tamil schools still survive. One of the strongest advocates of tamil education is the MIC. Pointing to the continued existence of the tamil school system as its achievement. If not for the MIC, there will not be any tamil schools.

MIC has been in the forefronts to make certain that Tamil language and culture are an integral dimension of the multi lingual and multi cultural society of Malaysia. Furthermore, the MIC continues to play a very active role to see that, Tamil school education stands on par with other primary school education. Tamil schools are a national heritage and a distinctive component of the Malaysian education system.

Lately, the government pressured by a LOUD call from malaysian indians that tamil schools in malaysia need to be brought on par with other schools in the country in terms of funding and facilities.

As the struggle for tamil school's survival continues ( increased intensity), we saw some positive responds from the ruling government recently. ( Ref: Economic package unveiled )

Yesterday, I came across a blogpost linking tamil schools and increase of crime rate among malaysian indians. ( ref: Close Down All Tamil Schools) and a reply for it ( ref: Close Down All Tamil Schools - Should We ?)

My views : as posted in Close Down All Tamil Schools - Should We ?

A reply for Brother balan's post:
Refer :Tamil Schools To Stay On

Brother balan, u've highlighted some UGLY but TRUE facts about our situation.

But i still wonder why you choose to link it with tamil schools solely?

YES, i agree we do have our cons. But does that mean we have to give away the GIFT ( malaysia is the only country besides india where tamil schools still survive)

I choose to call for pest controllers rather then burning down the building.....

who are the so called pest controllers?

its you, me and many others who choose to sit down and look in to the issue.

what can we do?

as u mentioned, the prob arises when they set foot in sec schools.

can't we find at least 10 students each to guide ?

sounds silly? well, its always depends how we choose to see it...

Every single problem has multiple simple solutions....

thank you,

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indian84 said...

helo mr.punithan,

i agree with your point. tamil school solely can't be the factor for our community problems. we should not let down our pride and for that we should not let any move to close down tamil school.

the same question i asked mr.balan. i ask him weter he had helped any indians to improve in their education n communication when they strugal in sec schl. but i didn see any proof.

i believe that 1 mus put theirslf in d situation b4 giv any coments. yet i stil stick 2 my opinion that tamil schl stdnt doing beter thn Sk schl stdnt.

i bleve v need ppl who giv constructive ideas n comment 2 improve the community n not ppl like balan n some of his blogmates who keep condemn the society. im not sure weter these people did nyting 2 the community b4.

no matter what hapen we should not let any move to close tamil schls.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

From the first sentence in your article 'Survival of Tamil School: Are We Concern', I have discovered that there are two tamil schools outside India which are in U.K. ( and Australia ( These discoveries contradict your article.

The other issue about racial equality as promised by PKR and whoever, how do we explain this article:

Thank you.