Here, i would like to highlight an article by Mr. Brandan Kuppusamy, a journalist who choose to see and pen down Fair comments on 'both sides'.

The electorate believe they woke up to a new Malaysia on March 8 minus race, religion and discrimination and therefore it comes as a shock that the very same people who had preached “common human” values have fallen back on old habits.
Pakatan's Unresolved Dilemmas

PAS’ stance over the 30% bumiputra quota is the latest of several which has pitted it against its Pakatan Rakyat colleagues. This does not augur well for the coalition which hopes to win the hearts of all Malaysians.

(ref: -MIC, MCA and PAS on NEP )

PAS is returning to its old habits frequently showing an intolerance that is not in keeping with its preferred image now as a tolerant, moderate Islamic party that champions common values in a multi-ethnic party.

Guided by Pakatan Rakyat leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, PAS discarded its core demand of a theocratic state to win over non-Malays on a “common values” platform in the March 8 general election.

Although PAS came in third in the number of seats won, it added Kedah to its stable and has a big say in Selangor and Perak.

But the party’s increasingly Malay nationalistic and Islamic postures are ringing alarms bells in the Pakatan Rakyat and among civil society activists.

The incidents are too numerous to be isolated and form a pattern suggesting that although moderates abound in PAS but the party as a whole is shifting to a hard-line position on numerous issues.

Clearly the party is caught between satisfying non-Muslim desire for equality and an end to discrimination and defending its Malay Muslim ground were there is fear that conceding to social equality is a “loss” to Malay society.

The party has grown in numbers in recent years and now has over one million Malays as members and growing phenomenally forcing it to speak up and defend “Malay rights” as well as Islam as Umno does.

But it still wants to keep non-Malay support it had earned in March and expand that support. Without this support it can never have much say in a Federal Government even if Pakatan Rakyat wins.

“We are caught in a quandary between defending Malay rights and keeping the support of non-Malays who had backed us and see us now as a moderate, liberal party,” said a senior PAS leader on condition of anonymity.

“We are unable to resolve this dilemma as yet,” he said.

In Kedah PAS wants 50% of house ownership reserved for bumiputras and in Selangor it is against a Chinese heading the state development corporation PKNS.

PAS has also openly and strongly opposed entertainment it considers un-Islamic although to most non-Muslims such events are tame affairs.

PAS involvement in the mob that broke up a Bar Council inter-faith forum in September is another example of rising intolerance which puts the party in the spotlight.

The party had also said it would not support a Pakatan Rakyat government that was not majority Muslim

Activists like human rights lawyer Haris Ibrahim of the Peoples Parliament initiative are questioning not only PAS but also the Pakatan Rakyat coalition’s commitment to abandon race based politics, champion equality and meritocracy.

In the most recent posting in his Peoples Parliament website entitled Is Pakatan Rakyat perpetuating race based politics?, PAS and the Pakatan government and even Anwar Ibrahim came in for some criticism for not defending multi-culturalism and meritocracy.

Harris is asking the public to write to their elected representatives to remind them of the egalitarian promise they had made to the people.

Within the Pakatan Rakyat too the relationship between PAS and the DAP is increasingly rocky with numerous policy differences surfacing every now and then.

The latest squabble is over the MCA proposal to do away with the 30% bumiputra equity requirement, a proposal openly condemned by PAS but supported by the DAP.

For PAS, however, the dilemma is much more complex it being a party based entirely on defending and promoting Islam.

On the one hand, it frequently falls on the values of Islam to defend rights, namely over the rights of Hindu Rights Action Front supporters to demonstrate even at the Prime Minister’s Hari Raya gathering but at the same time the party rejects the appointment of a Chinese as PKNS general manager.

It is a case of running with the fox and hunting with the hounds with political expediency as the main consideration not the “common values” that PAS had subscribed to before the March 8 general elections.

The PKR is also in a similar dilemma having to carry an MP like Zulkifli Noordin whose exclusive and unbridled promotion of Islam runs counter to the party’s moderation and multi-religious underpinnings.

The electorate believe they woke up to a new Malaysia on March 8 minus race, religion and discrimination and therefore it comes as a shock that the very same people who had preached “common human” values have fallen back on old habits.


Apa dah jadi to pakatan's mutual agreement just before the GE-12??? The GE-12 political tsunami was because of BN's failure NOT because of Pakatan's performance .... So.... GE-13 might not be the same................

If, BN manages to reform and rectify their cons .... will they (BN) face a favorable tsunami in near future?......

…And we, the rakyat of Malaysia of all races and of various faiths, now declare that we reject raced-based systems of governance of the country in favour of non race-based, integrated systems of governance…

This is an excerpt from The People’s Voice & The People’s Declaration, the document that was endorsed by, amongst others, DAP, PKR and PAS in February this year, just before the 12th GE.


GOH said...

BN changing from worst to good

PR from nothing to worst

so lets do the culculation who gonna face a tsunami next election

Anonymous said...

Got cheated by 'PAS for ALL'... somehow BN is better choice now.. they are improving while PAS playing the UMNO cards in Pakatan Rakyat.. while PKR carrying DAP and PAS balls in order to lead the Pakatan Rakyat... Anwar the Spin Master always giving sensational statement and speech.. after all he is another garbage...

anakbangsamalaysia said...

For me, personally, and many of the people that I work with in the anak Bangsa Malaysia initiative, it was the rejection of race-based governance that was the most important of all the aspirations spelt out in The People’s Voice & The People’s Declaration.

It was therefore with a great deal of frustration that we watched, post the 12th GE, as the Pakatan people in Penang, Perak and Selangor went back and forth trying to form the state government in each state, trying to find a formula that would keep ‘all the races’ happy.

Hadn’t these parties just agreed with us that race-based politics was to be consigned to the bin?

Shouldn’t we be focussed on getting the best man or woman for the job?

Is not meritocracy supposed to now be the order of the day, at least in the Pakatan states?

i think they failed people's trust.

imran said...

PKR only want the sokongan rakyat and then later on everyone will suffer. You see, a lot of Malaysian like to live such a luxurious life. That's why a lot of Malaysian can fall for the promises that PKR is going to give money from the Petronas fund. Ini yang dipanggil AMBIL HATI RAKYAT. but they didn't think for the next 50 years later. Then, they'll regret using the Petronas money and starts to borrow from other countries, IMF, etc. By then, we'll be paying god knows how many time much higher for basic essentials. At that time, it's too late for regrets. I rather pay 4 ringgit for petrol rather than seeing our country go bankrupt. I think they never understand the concept "Susah-susah dahulu, senang-senang kemudian". They want to be "senang-senang forever". That's why. So if we are having a hard time now, later on, I believe our lives will be better.

Whatever it is, I believe BN have the best leaders to lead our country to Wawasan 2020. PKR no experience in leading.

Anonymous said...

Agree to disagree, so what. But in BN UMNO dictates everything. Just like the MIC nobody can go against Samy or you will be thrown out.
SO your choice either forever be the second class citizen or go for CHANGE.

Satish said...

BN getting better ?!!

Their taking RM 5 billion from EPF to put into Valuecap.

They put RPK, Teresa Kok, a journalist and a human rights activists under ISA.

Police put a 6 year old indian girl in jail.

They call the Chinese as "pendatang" and "squatters" .

They spend millions of ringgit more on helicopters when they can be purchased at a much lower price.

Baginda is acquitted just as the leaked sms from Najib said..and the case was handled so unprofessionaly with many questions unanswered.

...and there's still a high chance that our possible next PM is a murderer !!!

Theshi said...

OMG! Cant Believe this PR. Now they are in dilemma! Seriously BN is the best.

They have the best leaders in the world and are the only party in the entire world that can rule over Malaysia because their philosophy is perfect and their leaders are selected by God!

They cant do any wrong since they have ample 'experience' ruling the country and because they are choosen by God.

Sometimes I wonder why bother having a democratic election to select leaders. Better to just drop this democracy nonsense and let BN rule forever. Obviously they know whats best for us.

Vive le BN! Whose with me?:P

Nudist said...

PR is just with one aim. If they are talking about non race based political party why not preach what you say? Why not consolidate PAS and DAP(So called multiracial but Chinese dominance)? Why not do that first? Why just giving lip service?

BN has been practising a multiracial party all time long? Indians never think before they talk? Hey guys can you win a single state seat with just 100% indian support? Tell me? No way!!! The Indians have been given the space to help the other Indians by the other BN component parties. Accept the fact. I am an Indian and I feel that PR is just up to getting Anwar to be the PM!!!
Why didnt PAS and DAP consolidate long time ago as the leaders of before is still the current leaders? Why not tell Nik Aziz, Hadi, Lim Kit Siang and Karpal to handover to the young? Hey friend see that.