Hie ppl,
i used to join in discussions in hindraf and makkal shakti virtual forum's. The following questions were raised by ppl who claims that they have voted for pakatan rakyat.....
Looks like many questions left unanswered....

1) Y DAP beeing racist in electing EXCO in perak ( 6 chiness 1 indian)?
2) Y karpal sigh said YB siva is a disgrace to the party?? because he resign for standing up for indian's rights??
3) where are the hindraf leaders?? bz giving statement against dato seri samyvellu, while on their side their demands had been forgotten by keadilan and pas???
4) who going to represent indians in pakatan Rakyat??

those are not my questions. those are questions asked by ppl who claims themself as supporters of pakatan rakyat. i see many left unsatisfied. gud luck in looking for the answeres.