Pak lah aka clean man, always played it open. Since Tun mahathir left, the government become very transparent. The Rakyat can really see whats happening on "top". The parliament debates become public and so on. Isn't that what we always wanted. A people's government??

Yet, yes he failed to notice the minorities problems. he failed to EXPLAIN the hindu temple demolishing issues. He failed to handle the HINDRAF in the RIGHT way.

For all that he paid handsomely. Now Barisan Nasional had realized. For past 50 years BN did great things FOR THE COUNTRY. Without them My Malaysia wouldn't be as what we see now.

So they have the leadership, the have the management ability.

Now they need to proof that they are also people oriented. The need to proof that they are sensitive.

BN leaders admitted their faults. They are listening and answering to peoples demands.

1. Temple at MIRI for HINDU's
2. The govn answers to MIC's demands on temple priest issue

Those actions may look very small. But its a start.

The Rakyat always loved BN. They always Loved MIC. Thats y they voted against it. NOT VOTE IT OUT.

So in next five years if they proof themself as a more sensitive government. No doubt they will will back 100% support.

We wait for Barisan Nasional in action..................................


**-WaNTeDGaL-** said...

Well, BN are taking severe measures to restore hope and trust in the party. The changes in judiciary and approving permits for indian priests and musicians shows they r concern about malaysian ppl's well being.

Meanwhile, MIC really have to step up their plans and execute it soon , to win the hearts of indians..