Dear Malaysian Indians....

I have been hearing the statement that HINDRAF IS NOT A POLITICAL PARTY....

MIC have been voted out.... and Hindraf is not a political party... ok fine so what is our platform in Pakatan Rakyat????

1)Only giving in chiness name for TMB post in selangor and perak.
2) Who ask us to just be happy with 2ND DCM post in penang.

1)Lead by anwar ibrahim aka bapa perkauman,
2)the man who gave a open public statement that he'll make sure there will be no tempel bell's heard in penang (kg rawa incident).
3) now claiming himself as a hero for HINDU's in malaysia aka sevaji the boss.
4)Now too bz with own political agenda's and dream to be the prime minister as soon as possible.
5)plz take note that hindraf leader made a open press statement asking YB mano to be appointed as TMB at keadilan's selangor. Atlast YB mano is not even made a exco.... Read for mr whytya moorthy's letter

Nothing much to say since anybody in the RIGHT mind knows the reality....

so whats for us???? are we really been USED?????????

looking in to history and the past and our past mistakes is very essential for us to discuss and carry on with activities that will benefit our community.... let us all play part for the future of our community......

"When we speak with one voice,
we will achieve our goals.
When we act with one determination,
nothing can stop us from fulfilling our dreams,"