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Dato Seri Samy Vellu Fighting FOR Indians

all this while!!! and he will never rest!!!

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RK Anand | Apr 17, 08 12:44pm

In the cabinet and Barisan Nasional, I will open my mouth and talk what I feel, and NOW I fight it out and the community will know I am fighting this.

Now I am waiting to see what is the intake for Indians (in government service) this year, I am going to write to the director-general of the PSD (Public Service Department) to find out what is the intake for this year. I am also going to ask him the category, what are the categories of their employment, seniority, what are the positions. In professional positions, what do we get, in normal, technical and other areas, what we got.

What are your hopes for MIC and the Indian community, what kind of changes would you like to see?

You know, whatever the government did not do for us, we ran a parallel government support for the community. I created it. When the government did not give scholarships, I give from the MIC. I created. Today we are sitting in one of the organisations, MIED is an outfit of MIC. We gave RM100 million loans up to now, we have educated 14,500 graduates, out of which 3,500 are medical doctors and we have trained 46,000 para-professionals in our technical college.

Why (did) we build the Tafe college? Because we never get places in any of the government technical college. So I said let's build, let's have our own.

Now we are planning. If the government doesn't do anything, parallel to government, we must do something. We will go outside the country to look for support, to look for help. I will go to many countries, explain the situation and ask them for help for my community. I will do it next, if this government doesn't do anything.

So this is an ultimatum you are giving the government?



Anonymous said...

9 out of 10 Chinese biz man will tell you they have bigger problems than what Samy velu mentioned. Did they ask for outside help? They only venture to China for biz only, never for political help. Samy Velu should wake up that India will not interfere in Malaysia's politics and seeking support from other countries will get him into trouble. He just never learn, will he?


Nobody mention about political help. And surely dato seri wont ask for political help from outside. If u want to know how patriotic dato seri is, please read about "konfrontasi malaysia-indonesia 1969"

So what dato mean by "outside help"?

He will seek buss opportunities. Education opportunities. Skill training opportunities. And so on. I dont see anything wrong in that. MIC has been closely working with indian government fo all that.

MIC has been helping indians community via tafe collage, MIED, Miet, YSS and etc etc....

So whats wrong in seeking opportunities outside?


There is no wrong in helping ourselves.


So ppl, we use whatever opportunities provided by the govn for us.

For those which we never get, are we going to sit and cry or go on a street demonstration??

Or help ourselves and uplift our community??

The choice is yours.

Anonymous said...

It’s better late than never.
Opposition promised a lot of things for the Indian but i guess, the swearing of the MBs and its exco members speaks for itself.

Reality is opposition promised the sky and the moon for the Indians and to appoint two Indians in the exco was denied completely.

Why are we being so stupid. No wonder everyone is taking us for a ride. Some morons have joined PAS in Perak……… lets see what they can do for us.

murukkuthasan said...

mmmm.... punithan shan...... a leader in make....lolz....good luck anyway