Hope that this will be an intellectual talk between PAS Youth and BN Youth not just UMNO youth.
Just weeks after the unity talks proposal between PAS and Umno has been put to rest, PAS Youth is now inviting its counterpart in Umno for an “intellectual discourse” to discuss current issues.

The discourse is expected to take place after the Manek Urai by-election on July 14.

The official invitation letter was handed to Umno Youth deputy chief Datuk Razali Ibrahim by PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan at a joint press conference at the Parliament lobby yesterday.

Razali said the wing welcomed the invitation and would discuss it with his chief Khairy Jamaluddin and exco members.

Later, Khairy said that the invitation was a significant development.

Describing it as a brave move, Khairy said the PAS Youth showed it was brave enough to defy the decision of the PAS leadership not to have unity talks with Umno.

“I agree with the talks. Both wings can set up a joint secretariat to determine the format of the talks, the venue and also the topics after the Manek Urai by-election.

“I feel that the issues to be discussed should not be confined to Islam and Malay unity but to also include national issues.

“If we do not receive the invitation in good faith, we are doing a disservice to PAS Youth.’’

Khairy also said he may extend an invitation to the Youth wings of the MCA, Gerakan, MIC and other components of Barisan Nasional.

Asked whether this invitation had received the blessings of PAS top leadership, Nasrudin said there was no need for any blessing because the decision was made at the wing’s central committee level.

“We did not contradict anyone because it was decided by the committee,” he said.

He disagreed that it would cause another rift within the party.

“If we have this discourse and base it on the truth, then there will be no more conflict,” he said.

Nasrudin added that PAS Youth was suggesting that the discourse be made public so that there would not be any speculation or confusion.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with talking to other Muslims. If they can do that with the non-Muslims, why cant Pas talk with Umno who are their muslim brothers. Faith is above politics, i.e. above Kit Siang, and Anwar. If you cannot understand this, you cannot understand the Malays. And until they understand this, Kit Siang and his friends cannot hope to rule.