THE NATHAN family lost a jewel when daughter Dina Deve Nathan was swept away by the swift currents of the Sungai Kampar yesterday when a suspension bridge over the river collapsed. The 11-year-old girl was described as a smart, bright child who will be dearly missed by all who knew her.

On Monday night, the suspension bridge connecting the 1Malaysia Co-curiculum Centre to Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Dipang, Kampar, collapsed.

In the 10.40pm incident about 50 students fell into the Sungai Kampar. They were among 298 students from 60 primary schools in Kampar, Tronoh and Batu Gajah involved in a programme organised by the Kinta Selatan District Education Department. The group was accompanied by 23 teachers.

Dina spent most of her time in the Nathan house in Mambang Di Awan, Kampar, buried among her books.

It was a very regrettable tragedy indeed. The misery and lost could be avoided. only if, the newly build bridge properly constructed. only if, the students given safety jackets. Only if, well trained staffs checked the safety of the facilities.only if, .......... we've learned from our past mistakes.

Its not the 1st time, let the mistakes of the past be lesson for future.

Restore our faith in the system

Schoolgirl N. Dina Deve has become the victim of the first 1Malaysia tragedy. It was while attending a 1Malaysia camp organised by the South Kinta District Education Department that the 11-year-old drowned when the suspension bridge she was on collapsed over Sungai Kampar.

If the investigation committee under the director-general of the Education Ministry discovers that the construction of the bridge did not fulfil the required specifications, or that safety procedures were not adhered to in the use of the bridge at the time of the accident, or that supervision by teachers was inadequate, Malaysians will conclude that there are serious shortcomings in the way we manage our affairs – shortcomings that can lead to the loss of innocent lives.

When such shortcomings express themselves over and over again through the decades, they undermine our faith and trust in the institutions and individuals charged with the management of our society. It will reach a point when the public will refuse to believe any idea however worthwhile – such as 1Malaysia – put forward by the powers-that-be.

In this regard, the outrageous instances of financial mismanagement, misappropriation of public funds, and abuse of fiduciary responsibility, revealed year in and year out in the Auditor-General’s Annual Report which was published on this occasion just before the Sungai Kampar accident, have once again incensed a lot of people who want the authorities to take sterner action against the culprits.

That such anger and disappointment cut across ethnic lines, and that the demand for tougher punitive measures transcends religious boundaries, speak volumes for 1Malaysia.

Indeed, the multi-ethnic, multi-religious desire for competent governance, efficient administration, and honest and upright men and women in important places both in the public and private sectors, is a noble emotion that will help build 1Malaysia. And it is the betrayal of such universal values and principles that will subvert 1Malaysia.

1Malaysia Board of Trustees.


rany said...

You 100% right.But sorry to say its our malaysia's culture that they will wait people to die than see the problems.They can't see the danger. Malaysia well develop country but they are still this stupid bridge been used. Cant the people who won the election see around at the place how people are living. To solve the problem. Hope this will open the people's eye to see the danger anyway its could for god seek solve before loose people's life.