After laying low for several years, Isa Abdul Samad, who was Negeri Sembilan MB for more than two decades, has been given the task to reverse Umno's losing streak since the 2008 general election.

Some political observers regarded the Oct 11 Bagan Pinang by-electon as a lifeline for the ruling BN after winning only one of the eight by-elections that had been held since last year's general election.

Isa would be a factor that will ensure a victory to the coalition as he was a well-known figure among the people.

"Isa has been with us through thick and thin. The people are comfortable with his leadership," labourer K Sagesaran, 46, said.

He said that Isa also had a special trait in that he was able to remember the names of many people in the area.

Trader Salleh Misran, 40, said he was not surprised that the BN chose Isa.

"I was still in school when he became the menteri besar. I find that he mingles easily with the people and at one time he himself advised me to study hard," he said.

A Pasar Tani trader Saudah Soib, 60, said Isa was always there when villagers organised events or when there was death in their village.

"Even when he no longer hold any ministerial post, he still fulfil invitations from the villagers," she said.

Tun Mahathir

who is former Umno president, had previously objected to the party fielding Isa, whom he considered a tainted leader.
When asked whether it would jeopardise the coalition's winning chances, he said: "I think it is good. We will win." However, when asked on the majority, he said: "I won't know that. Probably will increase. I guess."


FATIMAH said...

The fact that Shamsul Iskandar of PKR Youth is asking people in FB on what issue to politicize in BP shows that :

1) The PR Bagan Pinang political machinery and grassroot are in disarray and chaos

2) The rumours that people were hoping for Hj Ramli instead of Zul is TRUE.... Read More

3) There is no communication btw PAS and PKR and DAP

4) There are even talk of sabotaging amongs the grassroots...some of them even said they do not want to come out and vote!

5) Good far as I am concerned BN won it the minute Muhyiddin ask the BN audiences who they wanted to be their ADUN.

6) PR should find out who sabotaged their effort here....