I deplore the racial slur made by the writer of a local Malay daily where he had indirectly referred to the Chinese and the Indians of Malaysia as “kaum pendatang” (immigrants). It is most disgusting, despicable and shocking. I suspect the writer is not part of the newspaper, but has been using it (the newspaper) to promote his own agenda.

The writer must and should be charged in Court under the Sedition Act. His comments are most unbecoming, especially with our Prime Minister promoting the ‘One Malaysia’ concept. The MIC wants the Government to take immediate action against the writer for creating ill-feelings among the Malaysian community, especially the Chinese and Indians. Even our Deputy Prime Minister has said that racially slanted statements were unacceptable and it is against the ‘One Malaysia’ concept.

The Malaysian Indian community especially, will not accept such remarks and we demand that the writer withdraw his comments immediately and publicly apologise to all Malaysians. He has hurt our feelings and tarnished the good name of the Government. We cannot allow this sort of action to continue.

This despicable act on the part of the writer proves the urgency for the Malaysian Indian community to unite to speak with one voice. Let us set aside our differences and put our minds together. Let us mobilize our strength and move ahead. We must join forces with other peace loving Malaysians from different races and make the ‘One Malaysia’ concept a reality. I believe that the Prime Minister is sincere and genuine in his attempt to unite all Malaysians. But, the comments by this writer had dented that noble effort. The MIC is all for the ‘One Malaysia’ concept.

The time has come for us to stand up and redeem our pride. Let us start now, or forever we will suffer.

MIC President