Penang MIC Youth wing blasted PAS Youth for planning a mass protest this Friday against the recent cabinet ruling that banned conversion of minors without mutual consent of both parents in case of strained conjugal relationship.

The MIC Youth chief M Suresh also slammed Indian members in the PAS non-Muslim club for being "sitting ducks and not being able to raise a finger" against their Muslim colleagues for not protecting non-Muslim rights.

He said the protest planned by PAS Youth after this week’s Friday prayers clearly demonstrated that the party was not for all as propagated by its leaders.

PAS information chief Mahfuz Omar has also slammed last month’s cabinet ruling that children of divorced parents should be raised in the religion at the time of their marriage should one of them convert to another religion.

Suresh was critical that PAS’ brand of politics and religious zeal failed to uphold natural justice and universal concept of human rights.

He accused PAS non-Muslim club members for failing to voice their opinions in favour of the cabinet decision and against the religious fervour of their fanatical party colleagues.

"The Indian supporters of PAS should openly disagree with the stance taken by their Muslim colleagues. They should defend and protect their Hindu dignity and integrity.

"Otherwise, they should repent and seek alternative parties, such as MIC," he said.

He criticised PAS Indian supporters for blindly campaigning for the Islamist party during the general election in March last year.

'PAS is a sectarian party'

Suresh said the protest against the cabinet decision and Mahfuz’s criticism clearly exposed the PAS lie that the party represent all Malaysians regardless of their religious and ethnic backgrounds.

"It’s obvious now that PAS is a sectarian party hell bent to protect only one particular ethnic group while forsaking others," he told Malaysiakini today.

The cabinet ruling apparently was a move to alleviate the frustration of affected parents when their children had been converted to another religion without their knowledge and consent.

The latest high-profile incident happened in Ipoh last month when a Muslim convert Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah converted his three underage children to Islam without the knowledge of his estranged Hindu wife M Indira Gandhi.

Last week, the Ipoh High Court granted Indira custody of all her three children pending the full custody hearing on May 12. The older children - Tevi Darsiny, 12, and Karan Dinesh, 11, - were in the care of their mother from the beginning.

The court also ordered that the youngest child, Prasana Diksa, who is in her father's care to be returned to the mother.

The cabinet decision, however, is set to be tested by the highest court of the land if the current laws and enactments are not amended to provide clear interpretation on matters related to such conversion cases, according to those in the legal circles.

A judicial test on the cabinet ruling is already on the cards as Muslim convert Mohd Ridzuan has challenged its decision in court.

"This (cabinet) ruling contradicts the federal constitution, it is illegal and not applicable on Muslims, including myself and my children," the Muslim convert said in a court document filed on April 28 opposing the cabinet order.